Sure, you're glamping and you may want to eat out in a nice restaurant nearby, but cooking a proper meal while glamping is one of the most fun things you can do! All of our recommended sites have free BBQ's at a minimum, but a kitchen pack is strongly advised as it provides you with all of the following:

Camp stove + gas


Frying Pan

Cups for each person

Coffee mugs for each person

Plates + Bowls for each person

Cutlery for each person

Spatula, tongs, spoon

Esky with ice

Chopping board

Sharp knife

Washing up bowl

Washing up liquid


Kitchen Roll

Kitchen Foil

Tea Towel

Salt & Pepper

Cooking Oil

Just bring along some ingredients and of course the beer and the wine and you're all set! Just add the kitchen pack for $65 when you complete your booking request (caters for the whole tent).


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